Our Olive Oil

A perfect balance of fruitiness, a hint of appropriately attractive bitterness and optimal pungency.


Vesuvio Estates has consistently won awards at prestigious international olive oil competitions and events.

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About Us

As South Africa’s largest olive oil producer, Vesuvio takes pride in the top quality of our operations, from our generous trees to your abundant table


Vesuvio Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a versatile gourmet oil that will meet all your daily cooking needs.


At Vesuvio Estates, processing, storage and bottling processes are HACCP controlled ensuring that the best possible hygiene and traceability practices are followed.

Our Products

Made from machine harvested olives from the Vesuvio Estates.

Truly South African using Italian tradition & expertise

At Vesuvio Estates we know that great-tasting, superior quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an important, daily ally to those enjoying a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

As one of South Africa’s largest olive oil producers, Vesuvio has the perfect combination of the South African terroir (soil and weather) and the ancient secrets from the greatest oil makers in history, the Italian “master” oil makers who harvest and press the Vesuvio oil every year.

Vesuvio Estates takes pride in providing top quality products, from our generous trees right onto your tables…

Vesuvio Estates Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Vesuvio Extra Virgin Olive Oil is:

  • multi-award winning, superior quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • exclusively produced on the Vesuvio Estates
  • fully automated processes, no human contact from tree to consumer
  • 100% cold extracted Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • endorsed by The Heart Foundation
  • Kosher and Halaal Certified
  • HACCP Quality controlled
  • BEE Compliant

Situated in the picturesque Paarl region of the Western Cape, the 500-hectare Vesuvio Estates is home to more than 100 000 well-loved olive trees (some trees older than 25 years) rooted in South African soil; the cold extraction processing facility is state of the art Italian technology.

To produce our internationally-acclaimed Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Vesuvio:

  • automated the pruning and picking, selecting the finest olives nurtured on our Estate
  • No human contact from tree to consumer
  • cold-extracts the oil within 12 hours

This fast method ensures freshness and acidity levels that are favourably moderated, maintaining the fantastic health benefits of the olive.  It is also the reason for Vesuvio Extra Virgin Olive Oil’s outstanding taste – a perfect balance of fruitiness, the hint of appropriately attractive bitterness and optimal pungency, with slight intriguing variations according to climate and season.

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